Special Events

The Groovin' Foot Workshop

Hello EV’RYONE!!! RastaSalsa here!!!

The Groovin’ Foot Workshop is a fun, salsa footwork workshop taught by Tom “El RastaSalsa.” Although footwork is usually done individually, it is a very important piece to strengthen a dancer’s timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination – all of which are important skills to have when dancing partnerwork.

In this workshop, I introduce individual moves along with their names and break them down. Then we modify and combine the moves in creative ways to create a short pattern that is practiced in the workshop. Finally and most importantly, I give tips on how to be able to create your own footwork sequence, with your own flavor, and your own style!!!

Want more details? Want to register for the workshop? Go to www.groovinfoot.com!



1. Students and instructor are required to wear a mask at all times. Mask policy strictly enforced. Masks available for sale at event. 
2. This workshop is just footwork, so we don’t have to worry about partnering nor switching of partners.
3. Students and instructor will maintain a distance of six feet from one another on all sides at all times.
4. If you are not feeling healthy, please do not attend the workshop.


Date and Time 

Sunday, November 29th    2:00 – 4:00 pm